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Duckworth & Kent
Original manufacturer of titanium surgical instruments for ophthalmology and known throughout the world for quality and innovation. D&K Titanium instruments are light weight, non- magnetic and anodized to reduce glare under the microscope.
Mr Phaco
Innovative surgical instruments for ophthalmic surgery including a precision line of 21 gauge I/A tips for micro incisions and durable, hard-coated aluminum sterilization trays for instruments, accessories and cannulas.

Leading manufacturer of high quality surgical instruments for ophthalmic surgery, anterior and posterior segment, founded in 1951. It has always been the maxim of Geuder to guarantee the highest degree of precision and reliability.
Complete range of single use surgical devices for ophthalmic surgery. Procedures covered include cataract, refractive, vitreoretinal, lacrimal surgery. Sterimedix products are sold in the USA exclusively through Crestpoint Management.

MANI, specializes in disposable knives and sutures for ophthalmology with a unique manufacturing process and a stainless steel that features a unique chemical composition; both of which contribute to the safety and high performance of their products.
World Class Ophthalmic Surgical Supply Manufacturers 
Represented in the USA by Crestpoint Ophthalmics.

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