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You can count on Crestpoint's excellent reputation for service, quality, cross reference, and supplying the best products for your needs. This e-Commerce system is designed to facilitate your choices among our 5,000+ product range. If you cannot find what you need, contact us by phone, fax or email and we will research our full offering to meet your needs!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a Quote Only website. Add items to cart and send for quote. $0.00 price IS NOT VALID. The Pricing Displayed Upon Quote-$0.00 IS NOT VALID. After submitting your request, we will contact you with a valid price quote and order form. You can place your order online or directly with us via phone or fax. Thanks for your business, as always!

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Solomon Femtocataract Eye Speculum
Geuder G33971 Solomon Femtocataract Eye Speculum: small, open valves with middle bar, double knurled screw for fast adjustment and fine tuning, valve length 14.5mm, total length 95mm, chromium plated stainless-steel, reusable.
NEW! Cionni Femto Speculum
D&K, Speculum: Titanium, Reusable
We supply devices for ophthalmology, both reusable and 
disposable; including repair service, custom and disposable 
instruments. Crestpoint has an excellent reputation for service and 
quality.  Located in St. Louis, MO USA.
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US Govt Purchasing

US Government GSA/FSS Purchasing Information:
Contract V797P-4438B
Ophthalmic Instruments
Surgical Devices
SIN A8a & A8b
NEW CONTRACT EFFECTIVE 5/1/2011 to 4/30/2021

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